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Our June 2014 meeting got us into a summer mood thanks to a fine selection of 16mm fare generously provided by Jim Harwood.

Our Hollywood Party banner hangs proudly in the Lasky-DeMille Barn at the Hollywood Heritage Museum where we hold our meetings.

Stan presides over every HP meeting along with the official moniker of the Sons.

Some very prized Prizes that were raffled off, including our own vintage of Hollywood Party wine! "It's the iron in it!"

Our April 10th meeting featured a marvelous selection of Hal Roach classics with the Boys and other pleasant surprises.

As a bonus, we screened the famous episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show which includes the Laurel & Hardy routine and paid tribute to multi-talented comedian, actor and voice over artist Lennie Weinrib who portrays Danny Brewster in this episode. Our special guest was Linda Weinrib, his equally talented daughter.

At our December 12th meeting at the Lasky-DeMille Barn in Hollywood, the ever-charming Chuck McCann took us on a bit of time travel. He honored our meeting with a brief performance of his historic Laurel and Hardy puppets—the exact two marionettes he used in his 1960's "The Chuck McCann Show" on WPIX TV in New York. For those of us with fond recollections of those shows, Chuck rekindled those delightful memories.

See Chuck's performance at:

Sadly, as Chuck confessed, not one of the original recordings from those Laurel and Hardy episodes remains. But since this December meeting was gratefully filmed, this VIMEO video is the only known footage of Mr. McCann performing with these historic puppets.

 In addition to Stan and Babe's puppet appearance, Chuck treated us to a moving rendition of "Over the Rainbow" by his Judy Garland puppet. It was a rare evening indeed and definitely one that those in attendance will be talking about for years to come.

Hollywood Party is deeply grateful to our dear friend and original Sons Founding Member Mr. Chuck McCann for gracing us with his talent and his continued dedication and loyalty to the Sons worldwide.

Here Chuck poses with Stan Taffel as a 16mm print of "Sons of the Desert" plays on the big screen behind them.


Celebrating Stan Laurel's birthday could not have been better. Our special evening featured Sons' founding member Chuck McCann, whose gracious and delightful reminiscences of his personal experience with Stan and how the Sons of the Desert came to be were the hit of the evening. As an original founding member, Chuck is featured in this article from The Dispatch published August 28th, 1965. Fellow founding members of Sons of the Desert are mentioned in the article as well, including Dick Van Dyke, Sammy Davis Jr., Orson Bean, Jonathan Winters and Jerry Lewis.

This article appears on Page 5 of The Dispatch's August 28, 1965 issue.

Chuck was made an official member of the Hollywood Party Tent at our June meeting and his enthusiastic response was one of delight and pride. Chuck promised to return regularly to our meetings.

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(It's kind of like time travel......)

Welcome to the official website for the Sons of the Desert
Tent #240. HOLLYWOOD PARTY was founded on June 21, 2000 by a group of enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of motion pictures made by the Hal Roach Studios in Culver City, CA.

Hal Roach gave us centuries of laughter in a mere few decades. Stan and Babe were — and are — the kings of that studio's fine stable of performers. HOLLYWOOD PARTY honors and embraces all those who contributed to Laurel and Hardy's impressive body of work.

On October 11, 2012, HOLLYWOOD PARTY transitioned to their new location at the DeMille/Lasky Barn in Hollywood, CA, currently housing the Hollywood Heritage Museum and located directly across Highland Ave. from the Hollywood Bowl.

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A Few Memorable Moments
From Our December Meeting

The Boys as they headed into Los Angeles with Yuletide greetings for our 2012 Holiday HOLLYWOOD PARTY Meeting.

Giving our traditional "Toasts" to members of the Hal Roach Company of Players. Offering testimonials are (left to right) Grand Sheik Stan Taffel, Grand Host Tegan Summer, Mike Schlesinger, Grand Sheik Early To Bed Tent John Duff III, HP Board Member, Jim Harwood, HP Grand Visier Rita Crandall, Perry Shields.

The winners of our December raffle. Our Keeper of the Celluloid, Danny Kuchuck (far left), seemed most pleased with his 16mm raffle surprise.

Out of print, this holiday ornament is a lovely collectible that was on display at the December 13th meeting. Look but don't touch.



The display case in honor of our first meeting at the Lasky-DeMille Barn filled with several pieces of Laurel & Hardy memorabilia. Includes a Hal Roach Studios Badge, 1935 Laurel & Hardy CLub pin, pressbooks, 8mm films a Stan Laurel autograph, Sons fezes, sheet music, photos, an escutcheon prototype, scripts from films, records and a kids book from 1934.

A framed picture of several photos of the Hal Roach Studio (this actually hung at the Studio), a signed check from Stan Laurel and sheet music from Jitterbugs.

Grand Sheik Stan Taffel receives a message and "toast" via Skype from Gary Cohen in Chicago. We also received Skype salutations from Irv Hyatt in New Jersey and Gene Sorkin in Ohio.

The foyer of the barn was decorated with vintage Laurel & Hardy one sheet posters.

Grand Sheik Stan Taffel introduces the film line up.

After the meeting, the men with the Fez adornments posed for a photo. (L-R: John Field, Stan Taffel, Perry Shields, and Kim Reynolds)


It's official - Our Autumn gathering is on the horizon and there's laughs a-plenty in store! Join us and contribute to the joy of another evening with Stan and Babe and Finn and the rest. Don't miss our next Hollywood Party meeting at the Lasky-DeMille Barn in Hollywood. It's all set for
Thursday October 2nd, 2014. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Admission is $10, with half the proceeds benefitting Hollywood Heritage.

Lasky DeMille Barn
Hollywood Heritage Museum
2100 N. Highland Ave
Hollywood, CA 90068

The Hollywood Party is definitely on. Join the gang in the comedy tradition of Hal Roach and enjoy a delightful evening of film, fun, food, raffles, and a wonderful surprise or four or twenty four. Arrive early because occupancy tops out at 100.

This was the lineup from our first
meeting at the Lasky-DeMille Barn:

A clip from "Hollywood Party" (1934)
(With Lupe Welez)

"Towed In a Hole" (1932)
(Billy Gilbert's nephew was in attendance)

Trailers for "A Chump at Oxford"
and "Saps at Sea" (1940)

A Scrappy cartoon "Movie Struck" (1933)
(With L&H and more)

"Wrong Again" (1929)
(With the original 1929 Vitaphone score)

"The Kid From Borneo" (1933)

"Our Wife" (1931)

* All films were projected from
gorgeous 16mm prints.